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Extra flexible rod


We've developed a new extra flexible rod specifically for use on the SOLOPro+ 50 system. Semi-rigid with a tough outer sheath and available in 40, 60 and 100 metre lengths.

SOLO PRO pan, rotate and laser camera


Robust. Reliable. Intelligent.

With Total Inspection Productivity

SOLO PRO 50 pipeline inspection system

The System

Mini-Cam's SOLOPro+50 pipeline video inspection system features a robust and compact pan-rotate laser camera, engineered to perform accurate inspections in small diameter pipes. Integrated dual aligned lasers and distance sensor enable pipe diameter and defect measurement. The robust, tried and trusted coiler frame houses Mini-Cam's unique extra-flexible pushrod which help to navigate tight bends and lateral entries.

Greater than 60mm compatability
SOLO PRO Control Unit

Funtionality at your Fingertips

Shipped with ProPIPE+ Reporting software as standard, SOLOPro+50 has all you need to inspect pipes, document your findings, and create detailed reports for on-site delivery. It captures detailed footage under tough conditions, and its interface offers robust tools – including observation entry and reporting options – and accepts USB and SD media for easy offload of data, video, images and reports. SOLOPro+50 is WiFi enabled to allow remote access to stored images and data. The new SOLOPro+50 combines a host of features that deliver an improved user experience for efficient inspections and accurate reporting. 

examples of file sharing from Control Unit

File Sharing

Quick and Simple To Use

With just a 3-step menu selection, users can instantly share PDF reports, images and footage via email, or upload WinCan Reports to WinCan Web for secure, immediate, team-wide access online. All that is required to start sharing is a 3G or 4G Wi-Fi connection. Users can create the hot-spot using their smart phone.

Key Features

Data Transfer

Offloading images and data is as simple as plugging in a USB stick or SDHC card. WiFi enabled to allow remote access to stored images and data.

Friction Brake

The brake can be fully locked, unlocked or applied as a friction brake to avoid unwanted pay-off of the rod.

Joystick Control

The mini joystick provides smooth and accurate control of the pan and rotate camera functions.

Hot Keys

Intuitive, user-friendly multi-function keys, colour coded to match the key to the on-screen menu.

Soft Key Navigation

Soft-touch QWERTY style keyboard for responsive key actions.


Features an integral distance sensor and dual aligned visible lasers to enable accurate pipe diameter, defect and object measurement.

Easy-fit Control Unit

Mini-Cam's unique cow-horn shaped CCU locator makes for a secure quick fit, ready for work.

Extra Flexible Rod

Semi-rigid with a tough, durable outer sheath. Available in 40, 60 and 100metre lengths

Pan, rotate and laser camera with lateral pin in cut-away pipe

Add a

Lateral Pin

Makes easy work of inspecting incoming lateral pipes. The pin adjusts the direction and guides the camera smoothly along the pipe. The Lateral Pin provides additional usability to the SOLOPro+50 pipeline inspection system.

Pan-Rotate Laser Camera

Expertly engineered in stainless steel and aluminium, this robust camera offers maximum pan and rotate flexibility for use in small diameter pipe applications, from 60mm up. The camera features an integral distance sensor and dual aligned visible lasers, to enable accurate pipe diameter, defect and object measurement, directly from the SOLOPro+ control unit. The precision camera lens and four ultra-bright LED’s guarantee clear, defined, quality inspection images.

Pan, rotate and laser camera

Download SOLOPro+ Brochure

SOLO PRO 50 brochure picture
Pan, rotate and laser camera diagram