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Proteus Lateral

The LAT150 is a mainline to lateral inspection crawler designed to offer unrivalled range, reliability and functionality. Whether you're offering pre-acceptance inspection, searching for cross bores or inflows or conducting a structural survey, Mini-Cam's self-propelled LAT150 has you covered. 

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Diverse Functionality and Range

The LAT150 comes with 8x wheel drive and observation and reversing camera’s included as standard, making traversing awkward in-pipe obstacles an easy task in pipes as small as 6”. 

The self-propelled lateral camera unit allows you to inspected lateral pipes as small as 2 ½” with over 150 feet of deployment range, all while offering Pan and Tilt camera functionality with laser measurement. With diverse functionality and range and Mini-Cam’s industry renowned reliability the LAT150 is the go to product for any mainline to lateral survey requirement.

Pan-tilt Laser Camera

The camera features an integral distance sensor and dual aligned visible lasers, to enable accurate pipe diameter, defect, and object measurement, directly from the control unit.

Flexible Pivot

Horizontal pan and vertical tilt positioning of the deployment arm provides the operator with optimum flexibility.

Hinged Mid-section

The hinged mid-section allows for flexible mainline entry for access sizes as small as 12.5î/300mm. No hinge locking required due to constant wheel support.

Steel Rod Rollers

Assists smooth friction-free guiding of the push rod.

Observation Camera

Forward facing precision camera capable of 740TVL resolutions with powerful ultra-bright LEDs provides a bright, clear picture to assist launching into the unknown with confidence.

Meterage Counter

Close to deployment for an accurate lateral distance measurement.

Backeye & LED Aux Light

Taken from our tried and tested Proteus Back-eye camera and positioned above flow, this colour camera and powerful LED light enables confident cable management during reverse travel.

Lateral Pin

The optional pin adjusts the direction and guides the camera smoothly along the pipe.

Pan-tilt Deployment Arm

The standard deployment arm provides horizontal pan and vertical tilt via the front pivot, to enable accurate positioning of the camera/rod prior to launch. For larger mainlines, deployment tubes in varying sizes are available.

Quick Change Wheel Lock

Easy single tool wheel lock enables you to use a variety of wheel sizes and type to offer significant performance benefits in various pipe diameters and for specific operating conditions.

Lateral Drive Belt

The drive mechanism maximizes your productivity by powerfully feeding the push rod up to 165'. The drive belt is designed to repel debris whilst in operation.

Articulated Knuckle

Enables easy deployment of the crawler and prevents water ingression to the connections.

Lateral Reel

Fitted with 1000í of high strength, Kevlar reinforced inspection cable and 165í of flexible Ωî/ 11mm diameter push rod. The extendable arm of the guide roller has 4 distance locks enabling the cable/rod to be deployed from the optimum position.

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Mainline Reel

Used in conjunction with the lateral reel this fully automatic reel provides a distance capability of 1150í to power the crawler along the pipeline. It uses our tried and tested Kevlar reinforced inspection cable, and has all the functionality and safety features of the lateral reel. For additional smooth friction-free guiding, an optional van guide pulley is available.


Van-fit Configuration

Dual reels with installation flexibility in van arrangements (example shown below) are used to drive the LT150 crawler. The Lateral Reel gives you 1000í of mainline capability to then extend the main camera over 150í into a lateral pipe, while the mainline reel provides cable to the crawler for runs of over 1000' within the mainline pipe. Ultra-smooth operation is provided by a powerful motor and cable layering mechanism, specially designed for uninterrupted, tangle free pay-out and re-winding. Clear safety screens prevent contact with the cable whilst coiling, and for additional safety there is a rigid lid and an e-stop button.

Manageable Manoeuvrability

The LAT150 offers a multitude of options to help overcome challenging situations and give complete control of each launch. The system has flexible but easy to use options available such as, various configurations and sizes of wheels, deployment tubes and the lateral pin.

Observation Camera Extension Support

Raises the camera for a better view in pipes 8" and above.

Lateral Pin

A useful addition to the Pan-tilt and Laser Camera CAM050. simply attach the pin to assist in directional guidance within a lateral pipe. The pin helps to overcome entry to bends & junctions and guides the camera smoothly along the pipe.

Product Code: ASS-006-322

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Mini-Cam's patented quick release wheel lock enables the user to quickly change wheel configurations of the LAT150 to launch in main lines from 6î to 80î / 150 to 2000mm diameter. Wheel sizes compatible with LAT150 are 90mm, 115mm and 140mm.


Optional performance wheels are available in high grip and carbide which offer significant performance benefits in various for specific operating conditions, such as greasy and/or plastic pipes.


High Grip


Wide Axle

Deployment Tubes

For larger mainlines, to enable accurate positioning of the camera prior to launch, the LAT150 can be fitted with various sized deployed tubes. The unique design of the pivot provides quick, easy and tool-less attachment of deployment tubes in any size.  

Crawl 1150ft

Launch 165ft

8 x 8 Steerable