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Rental Inspection Trucks

Rent Professional Sewer Inspection Systems!

Every job requires the proper tool. With Proteus rental trucks from Minicam Inc, you have the perfect tool for inspecting 6″ to 24″ pipelines.  Rentals come equipped with a 1000-foot motorized reel, tractor with a motorized lift and a pan, tilt + zoom camera head with laser measurement.  With a vast amount of integrated technology and a wide range of accessories, the capabilities of our rentals are limitless!

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The package includes a motorized reel equipped with 1,000 feet of Kevlar-reinforced inspection cable.  Proteus motorized reels are equipped with a powerful, three-phase motor and cable layering mechanism, specially designed for uninterrupted, tangle-free pay-out and rewinding.  A rigid, clear safety screen prevents contact with the cable while winding and for additional safety, there is an emergency stop button mounted to the reel.

Rentals also include the extendable cable pulley guide and the four-button Bluetooth remote control.

Crawler with motorized lift

Fully featured, sophisticated mid-size crawler

Motorized lift crawler For pipe 5.5″ up to 24″ and up to 40″ when used with the Proteus crawler cradle.

Standard Features:

  • 6- 3.5″ black rubber wheels

  • Motorized elevator with 2.15″ to 8″ range

  • Articulated ‘knuckle’ connector


  • Carbide & grit tread wheels

  • Auxiliary lights

  • Crawler cradle for pipe diameters up to 40″


Pan, Tilt, Zoom & Laser Camera Head

10x optical zoom and 6 built-in LED lights make the CAM028 perfect for larger pipes or providing high-quality, detailed video in mid-sized pipes.  Features high-powered lighting, twin lasers for taking measurements and a side distance sensor for measuring pipe diameter.  

Dimensions (L x W x H) of 5.6″ x 3.1″ x 3.1″ allows the camera to work comfortably in pipes 6″ and up. 


Truck Office

Our rental trucks have a fully equipped office area which includes:

  • The Proteus CCU208 controller

  • Fully featured Windows 10 Pro computer

  • PipeLogix inspection software

  • Printer for generating reports in the field

  • Monitor for viewing the back of the truck

  • Solar supported inverter

  • Roof-mounted air unit.

Rental Trucks also include: