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Miniature Axial Camera with flexiable spring


CAM030 boasts an impressive 390mm length of ultra-flexible spring, and with its miniature 30mm camera head enables unlimited adaptability for those hard to navigate, awkward situations.
Mini Reel Pipeline Inspection System


Perfect for small diameter pipe inspections in hard to reach applications

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File sharing by email, cloud and mobile

Share Files

With just a 3-step menu selection, users can instantly share PDF reports, images and footage via email, or upload WinCan Reports to WinCan Web for secure, immediate, team-wide access online. All that is required to start sharing is a 3G or 4G Wi-Fi connection. Users can create the hot-spot using their smart phone.

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Key Features

SOLOPRO Control Unit

Control Unit

SOLOPro+ Mini-Reel has all you need to inspect pipes, document your findings, and create detailed reports for on-site delivery. It captures detailed footage under tough conditions, and its interface offers robust tools – including observation entry and reporting options – and accepts USB and SD media for easy offload of data, video, images and reports. SOLOPro+ Mini-Reel is WiFi enabled to allow remote access to stored images and data. The new SOLOPro+ Mini-Reel combines a host of features that deliver an improved user experience for efficient inspections and accurate reporting. 

Miniature Axial Camera

Miniature Axial Camera
Our smallest diameter camera, specially developed to make easy work of inspections in sanitary applications such as bathroom, toilet, kitchen and floor drain
Miniature Camera

The 30mm camera head with ultra-bright LEDs, and generous 390mm spring length, enables unlimited adaptability for hard to navigate situations.


Boasts an impressive 390mm length of ultra flexible spring which enables unlimited adaptability for those hard to navigate, awkward situations.

Small Diameter

Specially designed for inspections in pipe diameters as small as 32mm, ideal for domestic plumbing and hard to reach traps.

Quick Release Basket

The unique release clip makes interchanging the mini coiler basket quick and easy, with no tools required.

Easy-fit Control Unit

Mini-Cam's unique cow-horn shaped CCU locator makes for a secure quick fit, ready for work.

Quick-Release Basket

The SOLOPro+ Mini-Reel system features a unique quick release spring clip to make removing and attaching the mini coiler basket quick, easy and secure.

Quick release basket


A compact, portable system, designed and developed to provide an increased range of inspection possibilities for hard to navigate and awkward situations. The unique mini-coiler is perfect for small diameter pipe inspections

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