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SOLPRO Push Camera System and Proteus Crawler System with camera and aux light

Crawler or Push Camera?

Which system will provide the pipeline inspection solutions you need for your business.
Here's a quick overview to help you decide. 
Inspection operative preparing crawler for deployment

Where to use Proteus

When you need to inspect pipe/drain runs over 60m for diameters of 100mm+ our Proteus range of inspection crawlers is up to the task. With the capability to inspect pipe diameters from relined 100mm pipe up to 2200mm within the product line, Our Proteus systems can be adaptable to use in almost any residential and main line application and a large range of industrial ones to. When you have multiple manholes or inspection points to cover and report on the Proteus offers you quick, easy and functional platform to work with. With WinCan Embedded and ProPIPE+ and the ability to survey between 250-500m pipe runs in one go in multiple Van-fit and portable configurations, you can trust the Proteus range to get the job done. Proteus crawler systems are also available in ATEX Zone 1 approved.

It's easy to go mobile with our crawler systems, using the portable storage trolley and battery pack, means that there is no job that can’t be reached.

Where to use SOLOPro+

For inspection requirements in pipe diameters between 32mm - 225mm and inspections lengths 60m or less, the SOLOPro+ range of Push Camera inspection systems has you covered. Our robust easy to use systems are perfect for domestic, mainline feed, mainline and industrial applications and quick ‘look-see’s’. With self-levelling axial and pan & tilt camera options available, up to 90 hours video and image storage inbuilt and embedded ProPIPE+ and Wincan Embedded reporting software included, The SOLOPro+ allows you the flexibility to have a ‘look-see’ and report on the go or survey, code and report at site.

SOLOPro+ push camera systems are also available in ATEX Zone 1 approved.

Both Axial and Pan & Rotate camera options available

Inspection operative preparing push camera for deployment