Pinpoint accurate laser profiling of pipes and sewers

ProLaser Laser Profiler
ProLaser Profiler

ProLaser is the perfect partner for any CCTV inspection system and provides accurate analysis of the true pipe condition prior to and after rehabilitation.

Why do you need a pipe profiler?

 If you are a municipality, consulting engineer or contractor, the Profiler is a necessary tool for the analysis of the true pipe condition prior to and after rehabilitation. When used as a video survey tool it can provide

accuracy up to 1mm when measuring pipe size, deformation, erosion

encrustation, debris, grease, flows, lateral protrusion, surface damage and holes.

A laser scan of a pipe is a valuable addition to any CCTV inspection. It assists tremendously in classification of the pipe observations. WinCan Laserscan software generates the report fully automatically, including diameter, ovality, capacity and also provide XYZ-Data.

ProLaser Profiling Report

Data  Analysis and Delivery

The Mini-Cam Laser profiler has been designed to provide accurate and repeatable pipe geometry for many pipeline conditions. Simply attach the device to your camera and WinCan will do the rest! All results are automatically calculated and can be delivered via WinCan.

A laser scan of a pipe is an ideal addition to any CCTV inspection.

It provides major assistance in the classification of the pipe observations.

The WinCan software generates the report automatically, including

diameter, ovality, capacity and also provides 3-dimensional XYZ-data.


Pipe Sizes

225mm Pin* for use in pipe sizes 100mm to 225mm.

(*Dependant upon camera system)


625mm Pin for use in pipe sizes 200mm to 450mm.

(by using the 400mm extension)



Fully integrates into the WinCan LaserScan module.


Continual Measuring

Ideal for measuring real pipe diameters continuously along the length of the pipe.



Verification of structural integrity of the network, ovality and deep corrosion.

Fast Calculations

Fast cross-sectional area calculations for determining flow reduction.


Deformation Measurement

Deformation measured as an out-of-circle percentage.


Erosion Check

Erosion and loss of pipe wall can easily be ascertained.



Quantifies defects, holes, or other abnormalities.

Data Import

XYZ-Data for import into CAD software.

ProLaser Profiler fitted to Camera
ProLaser Profiler Laser Beam
ProLaser Profiler Extension
ProLaser Profiler Extension
ProLaser Profiling Storage Case