Mini-Cam’s success is entirely as a result of the collective efforts of every member of the team, and we aim to develop and nurture a culture which allows every individual to realise their full potential. We evolve our culture and working practices on a continual basis to provide autonomy, opportunity, and flexibility. I’m proud to work at Mini-Cam, and I want every employee to feel the same way.

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Tom Davies

Managing Director

Here we hear the personal experiences of a cross section of the

Mini-Cam team. If you want to join us you can view current vacancies on our Recruitment page.


Yvette Wÿkstra




Adam Lake

Van-fit Technician/



Yuen Man

Camera Team Leader


Rob Williams




Ashley Taylor

Senior Service


I like the variation of my job, as no day is the same and every day offers different opportunities and challenges, enabling me to increase my knowledge and learn more about the business and increase my skills. I have been given an opportunity, and whether the tasks I am set are great or small it is the satisfaction of knowing it is all worthwhile.

Keith Lewis

Keith Lewis



I love working at Mini-Cam because of the challenge of meeting customers needs and sourcing and integrating new technology and materials to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.

Mini-Cam have given me the support to be more confident within my job role. I enjoy building all the new products which helps me improve my skills. I enjoy working as a team, it has inspired me to continue to move forward with Mini-Cam to watch and be a part of it’s success in the future.

After working alone for 10 years I was relieved to join such a welcoming team of people here at Mini-Cam, everyone has always been very supportive and helpful, making the transition from lone worker back into a team environment very easy!


The company's flexible approach has also helped massively in achieving the perfect work/life balance I’ve always wanted. The work is always varied which keeps you motivated and this gives you the platform for personal development. In these very unusual times we currently live in, it is hugely re-assuring to work for a strong resilient and ambitious company.

I enjoy working at Mini-Cam because of the constant challenges brought upon by new products and technologies, whilst working as a team to meet the diverse needs of customers, contributing any way I can along the way.

I have worked at Mini-Cam for nearly 5 years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I enjoy working for a company that are the best in what we do. I have achieved a lot in the time I have worked for Mini-Cam including a number of training courses. I have a lot of colleagues who I have a great relationship with, who I consider my family. Here’s to many more years at Mini-Cam.