Flexibility for the CCTV vehicle studio


The Desktop Controller has been designed and developed specially for van-fits. Ergonomically designed and manufactured to Mini-Cam's rigorously high standards, the free-standing/built-in keyboard and under-shelf control unit replaces the traditional CCU to offer more flexibility and an ergonomically friendly design for the user. The large twin joysticks control all the features and functions of the conventional CCU208 and more. The keyboard sports neat retractable rear legs, to tilt and raise the unit. By simply changing the connection socket, the unit can easily be integrated into the desk.


The Proteus VCU500 is a development of Mini-Cam's bestselling CCU208 Crawler Control Unit. It is a screenless control unit housed in a 1HU high (44mm) rack mount enclosure so that it can be integrated into a 19” rack enclosure, in a typical van installation.


The VCU500 has been designed to support all the existing Proteus features, and can be used with any combination of the Mini-Cam Proteus and Proteus Lite cable reels, cameras and crawlers. In addition, it will support Mini-Cam's forthcoming lateral launch system, so that branching lines such as house laterals may be effectively surveyed.
 The front panel of the VCU500 includes two USB ports for connection of memory devices. A push-button allows a memory device to be ejected safely, and the array of four multicolour LEDs shows the status of these ports and of the system.

On the rear panel are the connectors for the HDMI and VGA monitors, the BNC Composite Video outputs, a USB port to allow connection to a PC for external control functions, and a connection for the matching Mini-Cam keyboard. The desk mounted keyboard incorporates all the features associated with the keyboard on the CCU208 control unit with the addition of three axis joysticks to include camera zoom, home functions and further future features.


The VCU500 may be powered from a vehicle 24-volt DC supply or from 240-volt AC via the standard Mini-Cam PSP24 power supply unit.


It is intended that the VCU500 is incorporated into a 19” rack housing with an industrial PC mounted in the van studio which is running WinCan or any other reporting software, an array of displays may then be mounted in the studio, with one being driven from the HDMI output of the VCU500 and other being driven by the PC. A further VGA or composite video monitor may then be mounted in the vehicle workspace to display the operation of the crawler. The VCU/VKU500

 makes a valuable addition to Mini-Cam's, already comprehensive, portfolio of pipeline inspection equipment.

The Desktop Keyboard Controller is a future-proof product designed and engineered ready for the next generation of Proteus systems.




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