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collectio of SOLO PRO push camera systems


Tried and trusted, our user-friendly coilers perform reliably for daily use in the field. 
illustration of coiler design

The coiler frame is the carrier for the coiled rod, the camera and the CCU. Mini-Cam have constantly refined the design, materials, components and construction, to make for our best ever frame. Customers the world over have come to rely on the SOLOPro+ frame for it's reliability and longevity, and of course our enviable after-care and service back-up.


and Trusted


SOLO PRO pipeline inspection system



The welded tubular steel construction and protective powder coating means the coiler stands up to the punishment of daily field use. The rod sheath is protected when paying-out and rewinding by an integrated rod roller, and a sturdy, water resistant camera connector houses the multi-frequency sonde, with selectable frequencies of 33kHz, 512Hz and 640Hz. A sealed slip ring in the coiler hub ensures reliable operation, while measurements from the integral distance counter appear on the CCU screen for recording into the video.

Tilting table for Control Unit


CCU Table

Enhance the usability of your SOLOPro+ Coiler with the addition of a Tilting CCU Table

3 Rod Lengths

Group of SOLO PRO coilers showing 40, 60 and 100 metre rod lengths

To provide you with the best system to suit your requirements, Mini-Cam coilers are available in 3 rod lengths. The mid-size 60metre and the large 100metre come with wheels for safe and easy mobility.

Easy-fit Control Unit

Easy-fit Control Unit

Heavy duty camera connector

Heavy Duty Camera Connector

Rod Roller

Rod Roller

Intergrated Mereage Measurement

Integrated Meterage Measurement

Friction Brake

Friction Brake

Heavy duty wheels

Heavy Duty Wheels


High grade push rod

Mini-Cam use only the highest grade push rod. Manufactured to our exacting standards, the rod is semi-rigid with a tough durable outer sheath. Manufactured to perform reliably for daily use in harsh conditions.

High Grade Push Rod

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Learn how to attach a Camera to a Coiler

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