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ATEX camera on push camera system

Atex Push Cameras 

Uncompromising performance and safety

SOLOPRO ATEX Zone 1 certified push camera system

SOLOPro+ ATEX push cameras have been engineered, built and tested for safe use in some of the most dangerous situations, without compromising on any of the features and benefits of our other SOLOPro+ push cameras.


With ATEX approval these push cameras make working in Zone 1 and other explosion-risk environments much easier and safer than alternative methods, giving you a clear, sharp eye into the unknown, without introducing risk through use of electronic devices. 

Easier and Safer

Override Lock

The SOLOPro+ CCU210-ExZ1 features an Override Lock. With the key set to ATEX Mode the ATEX-1 uncompliant power cut-off is enabled. If the system detects ATEX uncompliant, the power supply to the inspection equipment will be cut off.

ATEX Zone 1 certified SOLOPRO control unit with override lock
ATEX Zone 1 certified push camera with camera connector lock


Connector Lock

The rod end camera connector features in-built dual alignment prongs  to ensure the camera is correctly located and securely connected to the rod.

Choice of Cameras

The SOLOPro+ push camera has all the features, functionality and agility of the regular SOLOPro+ push camera, with the same professional-grade quality, reliability and accuracy our customers expect from the SOLOPro+ label.

Feature as standard include easy-fit control unit, integrated meterage measurement, heavy duty camera connector and a friction brake. A choice of two ATEX approved cameras; CAM025-ExZ1 and CAM026L-ExZ1 is available.

ATEX Zone 1 certified pan, rotate and laser camera
ATEX Zone 1 certified pan, rotate and laser camera
ATEX Zone 1 certified self levellig axial camera
ATEX Zone 1 cerifid push camera system get a demo

Get a Demo

We'll bring our ATEX System Demo to your doorstep!

Mini-Cam want you to have 100% confidence in our products. We will be more than happy to arrange a no-obligation demonstration of our ATEX Crawler System, and a guided tour of our custom van-fit demo vehicle, all at the convenience of your location.