Free Online Training

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we have temporarily put on hold all in-person product demonstrations and training to maintain social distancing which is in line with the current WHO guidelines to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

However, in order to stay connected with our customers we have the opportunity to offer our expert advice through online media.

We can provide:

  • General systems set-up (checking crawler and camera pressure etc).

  • Using embedded reporting software and creating reports (WinCan and ProPipe+).

  • Adding your own company logo and contact details to your report.

  • Using Wi-Fi and email functions.

  • Software updates.

  • Top tips for push camera care.

We can offer this FREE service over Zoom, FaceTime or similar webcam platforms with live video footage if required or if you prefer with just a simple telephone call.

If you are interested contact our UK Sales Team.

UK Sales Manager Greg Guest

Mobile - 07738 804511

Sales Support Technician Paul Copsey

Mobile – 07493-868750

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