Go Green, Orange, Blue or Yellow... with Mini-Cam

Corporate image is usually associated with large corporations, but small businesses also have a corporate image to maintain. With Mini-Cam Van-Fits new colour matching option, you can incorporate the colour of your company branding into your bespoke van-fit, to enhance the way you present your business to the public, your customers, your investors and your employees.

Ben Wetherell, owner of York based DrainsUK2000 opted for a studio worktop and base unit in a striking green colour to reflect the colour of his company logo. The long wheelbase, twin-axle Volkswagen Crafter van is fully kitted out with a complete Proteus system, which included 3 Proteus Crawlers (CRP90/140/300), 100metre Compatible Coiler, 300metre Motorised Cable Reel, Pan & Rotate Camera (CAM026) and a Pan & Rotate Zoom Camera (CAM028)

Established in 2000, Drains UK 2000 is a family run drainage services business with over 30 years of experience, their new vehicle leaves our Golborne Van-Fit facility today, and will provide DrainsUK2000 with the very latest Mini-Cam van-fit configuration. Amongst the features of the new style van-fit are a redesigned hand hygiene area, increased storage space, extra shelves and load-locks and an in-built water heater to make hot drinks while on-site.

Mini-Cam now offer an extensive choice of colours for worktops, base units, in-built microwaves and even coloured floors! Colour your workspace... Call Greg Guest today on 01942 444555 to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of our Van-Fit Demo Van. We will arrange an appointment at your convenience and your location.

Would you like an online overview of our custom van-fit service?

Check out our latest video on our YouTube Channel,which shows all the new features of

SurveyPro Van-Fit

Find out more about DrainsUK2000 at www.drainsuk2000.co.uk

For more information visit our website at www.minicam.co.uk

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