Envirojet takes delivery of new SOLOPro+

Envirojet who are based in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, last week took delivery of their new 60mtr SOLOPro+ Camera System from Mini-Cam.

Envirojet chose the Mini-Cam SOLOPro+ due to the fact it comes with embedded reporting software, to which we added their own bespoke company logo and address details to create professionally presented detailed reports.

Above: UK Sales Manager Greg Guest (left) handing over a new SOLOPro+ System to Samuel Lupton of Envirojet.

Above: Envirojet's custom header on a generated report page. Mini-Cam can include report customisation with all new SOLOPro+ Systems.

Learn more about Mini-Cam's SOLOPro+ Systems at www.minicam.co.uk/push-camera-systems

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