An instant wireless view into any sewer

Quickview Air HD
Quickview Air HD Wireless Control

WiFi Wireless control and video eliminates cables and allows live

video sharing on multiple devices. 


Sewer assessment—it’s essential to prioritizing CCTV and maintenance work, planning cleaning and rehab, and achieving compliance. Controlled wirelessly with a touchscreen tablet, the

patented new Quickview airHD camera lets you look inside any sewer with:

  • Detailed HD Video

  • Wireless Operation - No Cable at all!

  • Touchscreen Controls

  • Motorised Tilt

  • In-manhole Centering

  • Hands-Free Stability

  • Remote Centering

Quickview Air HD Camera Head

Quad Haloptic

Our patented Haloptic technology gives you more illumination farther into the pipe with optimum alignment at every distance. The new Quad Haloptic configuration uses four offset reflector/lamp pairs to fully encircle the camera with powerful light.

Quickview Air HD Smart Centre

Smart Center

To adjust camera height in-manhole, push against the standoff’s gas spring to the desired height; a ratchet then holds your position.


Quickview Air HD Camera Head




Wireless control and video eliminates cables and allows live

video sharing on multiple devices. 



Connect to any Quickview airHD in range, either in control or view-only mode. Download app updates to access new features.

Status Bar

Monitor illumination, zoom and tilt, as well as Wi-Fi signal and battery (for both tablet and camera). Record video and capture still images to the media library.

Text Overlay

Configure on-screen display of text, including variables like zoom, tilt and GPS coordinates. Modify text colour and position.

Media Library

Browse media thumbnails, then review, annotate and share footage.


Video System

Imager: 1/2.8-type CMOS

Zoom: 360 x  (30x optical, 12x digital)

Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels (2.38 megapixels)



Focus (auto/manual)

Shutter (auto/manual)

Sensitivity mode

Field of View (hor.) : 63.7 deg (wide) - 2.3 deg (tele)

Sensitivity: 1.4 lux


System: Quad Haloptic (four LED/reflector pairs)

Illumination Type: Coaxial, Collimated

Reflector Type: Proprietary


Camera head

Connections: 4-pin Auxiliary Port

Depth Rating: 10’ (3m)

Construction: Aluminum, Rubber, Acrylic

Sensors: Temperature, Pressure, Incline

Wireless System

Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Frequency Range: 2.400–2.483 GHz

Operating Channels: 1–11


Centering Support

Extension Range: 18.9” (480mm)

Pipe Diameter Compatibility: 6–48” (DIN 150–1200)

Mechanism: Gas spring with reciprocating ratchet



Battery Quantity: 2

Battery Capacity: 3.4 A-hr.

Battery Charge: Mains power



Length (collapsed/extended): 4’/16’ (nominal)

Stabilization: Detachable hands-free support



Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows

Quickview Quad Haloptic
Tablet showing Quickview Report
quickview air HD
quickview air HD

The Quickview, Envirosight and Haloptic names and logos are trademarks of Envirosight.

Patents 6,538,732 and 7,009,698; others pending.