Capture video of jetting for post-inspection viewing


JetScan Video Nozzle

Whether deciding what tool to use, verifying proper cleaning, or determining whether additional inspection is needed — JetScan is the quick, easy way to see what you’re jetting. This video nozzle is affordable enough to put on every inspection van, yet quickly capture  valuable HD footage of pipe that can be viewed moments later on a PC or tablet.

  • Capture HD video with self-leveling, illuminated camera

  • Traverse lines 8–15” dia. (15-24” with extensions)

  • Attach to any jetter

  • Record 8 hours of MPEG video footage to SD or SDHC card

  • View footage on any SD- or SDHC-compatible tablet or PC

JetScan Video Nozzle Start Recording

1 Start Recording

Press the record button on the camera. It will flash to indicate recording.

JetScan Video Nozzle Inspect Pipe

2 Inspect Pipe

Capture footage as JetScan advances though the pipe.

JetScan Video Nozzle Review Footage

Review Footage

After inspection, stop recording and eject the memory card to view footage on a tablet or PC.


JetScan Video Nozzle Components


Cleaning Confirmation

Document whether cleaning was successful using before/after footage.

Pipe Assessment

Identify offsets, collapses, infiltration and anything else needing maintenance—without dedicated CCTV.

Understand Hazards

Identify collapses, protruding taps, root balls and anything else that could trap a nozzle.

Problem Resolution

Determine source of problems on a call-out, and who is responsible (council or rate-payer).

Cost Savings

Keep CCTV crew on-plan and have independent capability to instantly view pipe maintenance and structural conditions.

Tool Selection

See whether a pipe is clogged with gravel, grease, mud, roots or sludge, and pick the best nozzle.


Confirm absence or presence of cross-bore electrical, water or gas, and preview pipe before mechanical root cutting.

JetScan Video Nozzle
JetScan Video Nozzle
JetScan Video Nozzle