Use the Proteus Control Unit CCU208EX to view, record and annotate
inspection footage from any composite video source
Proteus Control Unit CCU208EX

Capture Footage 

Grab MPEG video and JPEG images, and zoom up to 3X on video.


Enter Observations

Use optional data-entry module to

log inspection findings.


Review Footage

Organize videos and images folders,

then find them using the thumbnail gallery. Review media using standard controls.

Generate Reports

Use optional reporting module to

create an inspection report, then transfer

it to USB media for on-site delivery.

Offload Data

Copy video, images and data to USB or SDHC media for easy transfer to PC and seamless integration with WinCan

reporting and querying capabilities.

Write Screen Text

Type and store up to 16 pages of

on-screen text. Customize text colour,

position and background colour.


Control Hardware

Set sonde frequency, adjust

illumination, and zero/offset meterage.


Configure Preferences

Set language and date/time; establish file formats and naming conventions; adjust camera parameters; choose interface 

theme and power-saving scheme; update firmware.