350 metres, or go the full 500metres!

Experience powered winding in both directions! Developed  for the CCTV Inspection Van market, and modelled on our best-selling Proteus 300 metre cable reel, the NEW ACR500 large capacity reel gives you an impressive 200 metres of extra inspection capability. 


Fitted with 500 metres of high strength, Kevlar reinforced inspection cable, ultra-smooth operation is provided by the powerful, three phase motor and cable layering mechanism, specially designed for uninterrupted, tangle free pay-out and re-winding.

A clear safety screen prevents contact with the cable whilst coiling, and for additional safety there's a rigid lid and an instant Motor Stop button.


Operation is controlled using the hand-held Bluetooth® joystick remote controller (included) which is also capable of controlling camera and crawler functions, or use the ACR500 control panel buttons in conjunction with the dedicated keys and intuitive on-screen display on the Proteus CCU

Proteus Cable Reel Dedicated Keys on CCU


ACR500 is ideal for installation in our SurveyPro CCTV Van Fit.

ACR500 Automatic Cable Reel
ACR500 (Automatic Cable Reel)
shown mounted on VGP500 Van Guide Pulley
(The Van Guide Pulley comes as standard with the ACR500)